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Meet the Viewfinders


Antwoine Thomas
I appreciate that Project Viewfinder could see us, the homeless, and say, “We see value in these youth, right here in our own city.” I am so glad to be selected. I have a message to relay, and I hope it will be understood.
Butterfly Orton
I am an art addict, the kind that never gets enough beauty. I’ve also always been a solo creator. This project is giving me an opportunity to let go, give in, and work with others. I am enjoying it thoroughly.
David Boston
I’m ambitious. I take risks. I love my family and friends. I put forward a lot of effort to achieve a goal. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with on this awesome project. We all share the common goal of film.
Deondre Irons
I’m strong because of my struggles. I’m intelligent because of the things I’ve experienced in my life. I see the same things other people see, just not in the same way. Expressing my ideas through the camera keeps me building strength in myself.
Jo’Vannie Jones
I want to be an inspiration for others like me out there and a voice for disenfranchised people. This is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I am thrilled to be a part of. I am learning skills that will last me a lifetime.
John Pinney
What can I say? Fiction is my inspiration. I believe Project Viewfinder is the beautiful stepping stone between myself as a nerdy, obscure, toiling writer and a provocative, mythmaking filmmaker, ready to unlock my full potential.
Kayla Stone
I am unfolding the magic I feel in my heart with my community, and I am turning it into a bigger, revolutionary reality. We are using strength, dedication, maturity, and compassion to create each other’s perspectives on film and to share that vision and experience with the world.
Rachel Derryberry
Just because mishaps in my life have stopped me before doesn’t mean I’m stopping now. Project Viewfinder is helping me realize that I want to improve myself and that I have more to give. I’m persevering into a new life.
Rex Brushwood
I’m hoping that my image alone will tell you about me. Symbolism, after all, transcends language. At Project Viewfinder, they’re very good to me. I enjoy working with my peers. They’ve taught me so much. I’m touched.
Treasure Gill
I’m a very bright young lady that views the world as half full. I’m an open book. I’m awesome, entertaining, goofy, and I can honestly do anything I set my mind to. Project Viewfinder is making my ideas into reality using film.

Thanks to these social service agencies for their help:

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