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Krump as an Intervention is a partnership project between the Northwest Film Center and the University of Hope Project, an organization working with the Oregon Youth Authority Office to bring arts instruction to incarcerated youth at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, the state of Oregon's largest and most notorious youth prison.

The goal of the project is to directly involve young men who are currently in the juvenile justice system in using video production and other art-making to increase efficacy in the MacLaren community, reduce recidivism, and improve re-integration into the community.

A pilot now underway involves production of a youth-generated documentary about the rehabilitative value of a radical new style of street dancing, called Krump. The style's sudden moves and displays of agility symbolize the struggles of young men immersed in a culture of crime, gangs, and violence, and who are now confronting their internal struggles in hope of a new life outside the system.

The documentary will be comprised of testimonials and dance footage of MacLaren's youth Krumpers, including the personal stories of individual youth on the inside and those who have successfully moved on after MacLaren, a look at the roots of Krump in African dance and how it came to become part of the MacLaren community, and interviews with MacLaren officials who will articulate how Krumping ties in to contemporary core treatment values.

Working with Northwest Film Center filmmaker-in-residence Brian Lindstrom,  a group of youth have created a 3 minute demo available for viewing. Funding for a longer, higher quality production is now underway. The Film Center and Oregon Youth Authority have committed $15,000 toward a total budget of $25,000. An additional $10,000 is now being sought from corporate and foundation sources. Individual contributions may be made by donation.


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