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 What People are Saying About the Oregon Latino Youth Video Project Nuestra Vision, Nuestro Futuro: Our Vision, Our Future

Susan Castillo, Oregon State Superintendent of Public Instruction:
"I have no doubt that this project has had a profound impact on these students. We see them discover more about themselves, celebrate and embrace the Latino contributions to this country, and acknowledge that education is clearly the gateway to opportunity. What an inspiring expression of shared dreams, love of family, and great hope for the future."

Serena Cruz, Multnomah County Commissioner
"For too long the rich history of Latino families in this state have received little notice. These young people share important moments in their lives with us; moments that all ages and backgrounds can relate to - the joy of love, family, and friendship, the pain of loss, the struggle to endure in this country, and the triumph of achievement. We are teachers, migrant workers, dishwashers, professors, janitors, judges, and neighbors. These stories are so compelling and important to the history of Oregon because they are us."

Edith Fuller, Librarian, Professional Library, Portland Public Schools
"This set of videos would be an attractive and valuable addition to a school library collection as an example of excellent student work, as a realistic, informative look at a culture of growing importance, and as material to increase the breadth of resources for the information needs of diverse student populations."

Gloria Lopez Davis, School Psychologist/Counselor, Beaverton School District
"The value of videos like these is that they cross all cultures. While they are a tribute to the Latino culture, they will be helpful to all cultures to understand where the Latinos have come from and where we are going in the future. These videos should be shown to every high school leadership, student government, sociology, and psychology class to foster understanding of the Latino culture."

Francisca Johnson, Chair, Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs
"It's absolutely wonderful. Very inspiring!"

Lidia Krivoy, LPC, Beaverton School District ESL/Bilingual Social Worker
"The videos are valuable material for use in diversity trainings. They address issues faced by Latino youth; well suited to stimulate group discussions and gain understanding of cultural differences."

Angel Lopez, Attorney, Squires & Lopez, P.C.
"I really liked the presentation of the community and of the moms and dads who were interviewed. I also liked the candor of the young adults and teens who talk about the issues they face in navigating their way through this society and the importance of maintaining an appreciation of the Mexican culture."

Martha Ortiz de Rosas, Consul General, Consulado de Mexico Portland, Oregon
"In regards to the Oregon Latino Youth Video Project, Nuestra Vision, Nuestro Futuro, I congratulate you and the students for such a great job that will bridge understanding of cultural differences in our community."

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