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Fiscal Sponsorship

The Northwest Film Center extends its non-profit status to independent media artists in the Northwest in need of a non-profit sponsor for receipt of funds from government organizations and private foundations that cannot fund individuals directly. In so doing, the Center leaves the evaluation of the merits of the proposal to the funder. If awarded, grants are administered by the Center according to the terms set forth and approved in the project application. All artistic and financial control of the project remain with the producer of the film.

As the legally responsible recipient of the funds received on behalf of a fiscally sponsored project, the Film Center must insure funders that the funds awarded are used for activities as agreed upon between the donor and the recipient, and that donor reporting requirements are met in a timely fashion.

Deadlines and Notifications
The Film Center accepts fiscal sponsorship applications on a rolling basis. A project may be submitted for review at any time. Applicants are strongly encouraged to call prior to submitting an application to discuss the appropriateness of the project (non-commercial), potential funding sources, and production schedule.

General Eligibility Considerations

  • The project must be a non-student film, video, or multimedia production.
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of OR, WA, ID, MT, or AK, a U.S. citizen with a Social Security number, and/or have a production company with a U.S. Federal ID number.
  • The project proposal must reflect the ability of the applicant to develop a high quality project with a realistic budget.
  • The fundraising ability of the project director and identification of potential appropriate sources of funding for the project.
  • The experience of key project personnel and their feasibility of completing the project.
  • The distribution and exhibition plan of the completed project.

What the NWFC does
Once your project has been awarded a grant, the funds are received by the Northwest Film Center. The Center deposits the funds to a restricted account and a check is disbursed in the project director or production company’s name. As required, the Film Center will file final expenditure reports with the funder and report fund distribution to the IRS.

Filmmaker Responsibilities

  • Handle all production accounts and expend funds as outlined in the grant.
  • Upon conclusion of the project, and at the end of each fiscal year, supply the Film Center with an expense and income report that indicates how funds provided through the Center were spent.
  • Maintain proper tax records should the Film Center be requested to provide any such records to funders. Be responsible for any taxes due on funds received.
  • Credit the NWFC as a fiscal sponsor in the film credits and any funding recognition.

Administrative Fees
In addition to a $100 application fee, the Film Center charges a 5 percent fee on funds received on behalf of the project through the Center. In some cases the fee is negotiable depending on the number and size of grants received. Project funds raised from other sources are not subject to any fees.

Application Process
There is no formal application form or process. For more information, contact the Film Center by calling 503-221-1156, or e-mailing

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