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Sat, Feb 10, 2007
at 2:15 PM

Sun, Feb 11, 2007
at 3:45 PM

The Great Match
Soccer is truly "the world's game," and this fact has never been made so convincingly or pleasurably evident as it is in this visually vibrant, warmly comic feature. The film revolves around the Herculean quests by indigenous communities in three of the world's most remote spots—the Amazon, the Tenere desert of Niger, and Mongolia—to find electricity, never mind televisions, to watch the 2002 World Cup final between Germany and Brazil. Generous spirit and magnificent cinematography combine for splendid entertainment—not just for soccer fans but for anyone interested in how others live. ( 88 min )

Filmography: Caravana (05).
Sponsored by American Airlines.
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Sun, Feb 18, 2007
at 7:45 PM

Thu, Feb 22, 2007
at 8:45 PM

Sun, Feb 25, 2007
at 1:15 PM

The Secret Life of Words
On a lonely North Sea oil rig, a woman arrives to take care of a worker seriously burned in an accident. She is Hanna (Sarah Polley)—not really a nurse, but someone who hopes that her mission will fill the void left by so much of the rest of her life. Her patient is Josef (Tim Robbins), garrulous and outgoing, and temporarily blinded. Over the days and weeks of his recuperation, their contact will lead to each one revealing long–kept secrets. Hanna will also become part of the rig's very special community, which includes Simon (Javier Cámara), a Spanish cook whose attempts at haute cuisine are rarely appreciated, and Dimitri (Sverre Anker Ousdal), a loner who senses that he and Hanna share a hidden bond. Winner of four Spanish Goya Awards, including Best Film, Director and Screenplay. In English. ( 115 min )

Filmography: Things I Never Told You (96), My Life Without Me (03).
Sponsored by Portland Monthly.
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Mon, Feb 19, 2007
at 9 PM

Thu, Feb 22, 2007
at 6 PM

The Method
As anyone who watches television knows, only the strong survive. Set in the "human" resources department of a large multinational corporation in Madrid, Piñeyro's film is adapted from the hit Spanish play "The Grönholm Method." A witty turn on the survivor genre, here, a group of seven candidates is called in for an interview for an important position in the company. Subjected to a series of supposedly scientific psychological tests (imported from the United States, of course), the manipulative exercises are intended to bring out the worst in everyone: insecurity, paranoia and the desire for personal gain at the expense of others. The youthful applicants are pitted against the older ones. Native–born Spaniards are up against a candidate born in Argentina and men, of course, vie with women. When finally only two remain we learn to what extent corporate greed can cause human beings to salivate for each other's blood. Best Adapted Screenplay, Goya Awards. ( 115 min )

Filmography: Wild Tango (93), Wild Horses (95), Paradise Ashes (97), Burnt Money (00), Kamchatka (02).
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Tue, Feb 20, 2007
at 5:45 PM

Fri, Feb 23, 2007
at 9:30 PM

Rough Winds
Adapted from a novel by Almudena Grandes, Rough Winds presents a compelling portrait of a man trying to nurture new friendships while never quite sure if he can rely on or trust the kindness of strangers. Juan is a brooding 40–year–old doctor who has left Madrid for a new job in Cádiz, taking with him his niece, his mentally disabled brother and memories of a painful past marked by deceit, betrayal and family trauma. When the mysterious and menacing Nicanor appears, threatening the fragile stability of the existence Juan has carved out for himself and his family, he is obliged to confront the series of events that led to his brother Damián's mysterious death. Cutting between past and the present, Herrero has fashioned a taut, atmospheric drama of sibling rivalry and what it really means to start anew. ( 117 min )

Filmography: Shortcut To Paradise (94), Malena Is the Name of a Tango (96), The Galíndez File (03).
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Tue, Feb 20, 2007
at 8 PM

Wed, Feb 21, 2007
at 6:30 PM

A journey into the soul of the Basque country, Obaba is based on the popular short story collection "Obabakoak" by Basque writer Bernardo Atxaga and was the 2005 Spanish submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. A young teacher, Lourdes (Bárbara Lennie) visits the mysterious, mythical hill town of Obaba with her video camera to interview the residents for a class assignment. She immediately realizes things are different here: eccentrics abound, everyone seems haunted by the past, and the place is leaping with lizards rumored to have a taste for human brains. As the villagers tell their tales, we learn more about the isolated town's history and the way memory informs identity. Armendáriz's film is a magical and mysterious story of people trapped in a web of history from which there is no escape. ( 107 min )

Filmography: 27 Hours (86), Letters from Alou (90), Secrets of the Heart (97), Broken Silence (01).
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Tue, Feb 20, 2007
at 8:30 PM

Thu, Feb 22, 2007
at 5 PM

My Grandmother's House
Cheeky six–year–old Marina plays to the camera, ignoring the chiding of her aged grandmother, Marita: she pokes at the mouse traps, runs half–dressed into the dusty street and is all energy. Marita's crumbling house was built by her long–dead husband. She moved in when they married, over 53 years ago, and nothing much has changed since. Now her home is going to be demolished; the buildings in the neighborhood are being torn down, to be replaced with charmless apartments. A beautifully constructed documentary that depicts with great subtlety the changing ways in suburban Spain: as the granddaughter dances, the grandmother packs, time is moving on. Joris Ivens Award for Best Documentary, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. ( 80 min )

First Feature Film.
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Thu, Feb 22, 2007
at 6:30 PM

Fri, Feb 23, 2007
at 9:30 PM

Sat, Feb 24, 2007
at 10 AM

Sighs from the Heart
Fernando Valbuena de Montijos, a young, handsome and rich Spanish businessman living in Buenos Aires, reads his horoscope in a photo–novel magazine called "Sighs from the Heart." Surprisingly, all the magazine's predictions come true. About to make a very important business decision, he decides he had better find the magazine's next issue before proceeding with his future plans. His search takes him to the magazine's office where he discovers a small family business managed by three eccentric, utopian free thinkers and a young woman who will truly change his fortune. ( 90 min )

Filmography: Krapatchouk (92), Fading Memories (99).
Director Enrique Gabriel will be in attendance at both screenings to introduce the film and answer questions afterward.

A special screening has been added at 10AM on Saturday February 24th to make up for the Thursday night screening cancelled due to projection problems. Tickets to the Thursday night screening will be honored at the Saturday morning screening.
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