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Great Britain

Sun, Feb 11, 2007
at 8 PM

Thu, Feb 15, 2007
at 8:15 PM

Amazing Grace
How can only one man do what's right in the face of overwhelming opposition? That's the challenge facing William Wilberforce, the hero of this historical drama that inspires as much as it entertains. Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffudd) is elected to the 18th–century British Parliament at the young age of 21, but after a life–altering meeting with an ex–slave, is inspired to abolish the dehumanizing slave trade and lead a diverse coalition of believers to take on the King and the Establishment. But change such as this is looked upon with great skepticism. If not met by moral indifference, Wilberforce's goal threatens to undermine the economic system on which the entire empire rests. But more than just a moralizing tale of a decades–long struggle, Apted tells a compelling story of individual will attempting the impossible. ( 111 min )

Selected Filmography: 7 Up (63), Coal Miner's Daughter (80), Gorillas in the Mist (94), Enigma (01), 49 Up (05).
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Thu, Feb 15, 2007
at 6:30 PM

Fri, Feb 16, 2007
at 5:30 PM

Sun, Feb 18, 2007
at 3 PM

37 Uses For A Dead Sheep
If you can only think of two things sheep are good for, this eccentric and inspired film is for you. A wry look at the history and culture of the Pamir Kirghiz, a semi–nomadic tribe from Central Asia, the film offers a short treatise on the vagaries of individual and global culture. Resistant to communist rule and facing violence and imprisonment, the tribe (now only 2,000 people) was driven from country to country until an appeal for international intervention settled them to Eastern Turkey, where they have lived for the last 27 years (a proposal from the U.S. would have moved them to Alaska!). Mixing new documentary footage with dramatic reenactments filmed in a variety of cinematic styles and acted out by the Kirghiz, the tribe's history, resilience, humor and hopes for the future come vividly through, their spirit mirrored in the running gag which gives the film its title. ( 87 min )

Filmography: Footprints (02).
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Fri, Feb 16, 2007
at 9:15 PM

Sat, Feb 17, 2007
at 6:30 PM

"There's a very fine line between laughing and screaming. People don't laugh on roller coasters because roller coasters are funny. People laugh on roller coasters because they're scared. This movie's like that. All the elements that could lead you to believe this might be just another B–grade slasher flick are here—blood, drugs, faceless thugs—as the sales division of a multinational arms manufacturer walks into a clearly doomed 'team–building' weekend at the end of Eastern Europe's finest nature trail to hell. But just beneath all the bear traps and bikini girls with guns, lurks a nimbly filmed, cleverly written, impeccably cast piece of classic cult filmmaking. Director Christopher Smith serves out tight, razorwire suspense with a congenial, character–driven joviality in deftly balanced proportions. And the bikini girls? They don't actually have –bikinis, but they do have enormous guns."—Toronto Film Festival. ( 95 min )

Filmography: Creep (04).
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Fri, Feb 23, 2007
at 5 PM

Sat, Feb 24, 2007
at 8 PM

Red Road
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Red Road is a gripping gaze into the dark recesses of one woman's scarred psyche and a thoughtful meditation on surveillance and voyeurism. Red Road is a seedy housing project in Glasgow's rough North End. The widowed Jackie toils at a private security firm, scanning Glasgow's closed–circuit TV system for criminal activity, ready to report any untoward activity to the police. One day, she spies the brutish Clyde, a familiar face from her past; his unwelcome presence causes Jackie to become a surprising, and soon unprepared, participant in the dramas she's been watching nightly. Arnold keeps you guessing (and the tension building) as Red Road crescendos to its explosive finale. ( 113 min )

First Feature Film.
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Fri, Feb 23, 2007
at 7:30 PM

Starter For Ten
Based on the novel (and adapted by) David Nicholls, Starter for Ten is a fresh romantic comedy starring James McAvoy (Last King of Scotland, The Chronicles of Narnia) as Brian, a working–class scholarship student attempting to survive his first year at the posh Bristol University in mid–1980s England. During his quest to earn a spot on the school's team for the popular British television quiz show "University Challenge," Brian falls in love with his teammate and attempts to win her affections by showing off his vast knowledge. In the process Brian learns some surprising lessons about life and love and the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The outstanding soundtrack includes The Cure, Buzzcocks, The Smiths and New Order. ( 96 min )

First Feature Film.
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