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Tue, Feb 13, 2007
at 6 PM

Sat, Feb 17, 2007
at 8:45 PM

Avenue Montaigne
One memorable evening on Paris's Avenue Montaigne sets the stage for a charming ensemble piece that tells a contemporary tale of characters caught between their private dreams and public images. A critically acclaimed and popular actress, Catherine (Valérie Lemercier), prepares to star in a show about to open on the 17th, but despite all her success she wonders if her work has any value or meaning. A musical prodigy with a worldwide following, Jean–François (Albert Dupontel), prepares for a major Beethoven recital on the 17th, yet he basically just wants to be alone. Jacques (Claude Brasseur) has amassed an extraordinary, highly personal art collection, but on the 17th it will all be sold off. Catherine, Jean–François and Jacques have all devoted their lives to art, yet what kinds of lives has art given them? As they ponder their lives they all cross paths at a chic café where wide–eyed Jessica (Cécile de France), recently arrived from the provinces, often waits on them—she becoming the filter through which we see their stories. This year's French submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. ( 106 min )

Filmography: Season's Beatings (99), Jet Lag (02).
Sponsored by Southpark Seafood Grill.
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Wed, Feb 14, 2007
at 8:30 PM

Fri, Feb 16, 2007
at 6 PM

Belle Toujours
In a tribute to cinema greats Luis Buñuel and Jean–Claude Carrière, prolific Portuguese auteur Manoel de Oliveira's latest film serves as a witty sequel to Buñuel's erotic 1967 masterpiece Belle de Jour. Séverine (originally played by Catherine Deneuve, and now by Bulle Ogier) has a secret—her adulterous stint as a prostitute at a high–level brothel, fueled by an irrepressible desire for violent and aggressive sex. Thirty–eight years later, Henri (Michel Piccoli), friend to Séverine's late husband Pierre, spots a woman he believes to be Séverine and follows her through Paris. Upon confirming her identity, he convinces Séverine to meet with him, uprooting her long–suppressed history. Belle Toujours, succeeding both as homage and another original vision from a now 98–year–old master, reminds us that the past may be distant, but it cannot be eluded forever. In French with English subtitles. ( 70 min )

Selected Filmography: The Rite of Spring (63), The Satin Slipper (85), The Divine Comedy (91), The Letter (99), A Talking Picture (03).
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Fri, Feb 16, 2007
at 6:30 PM

Sat, Feb 17, 2007
at 4 PM

Mon, Feb 19, 2007
at 3:30 PM

The Page Turner
With a scintillating soundtrack featuring works from Schubert, Shostakovich and Bach, power house performances and some deeply unsettling psychological scenes, Dercourt orchestrates a cold–blooded thriller with both brains and malice. When 10–year–old piano prodigy Mélanie fails her audition for the national conservatory because of the cavalier jury president, famed concert pianist Ariane, she bitterly locks away her instrument forever. Ten years later, Mélanie has a coincidental (perhaps?) encounter with the woman who shattered her life all those years ago. Her menacing intentions cloaked in poise, Mélanie is hired as nanny to Ariane's son and entrusted with the critical role of page turner at her big comeback performance, giving her the power to crush everything Ariane holds dear. A professional viola player, conservatory professor and talented filmmaker, Dercourt knowingly builds his taut revenge story to a sinister crescendo, expertly employing his musical choices to heighten the Hitchcockian sense of expectancy. ( 85 min )

Filmography: The Freelancers (98), My Children Are Different (03), Ukiyo: Floating World (05).
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Sun, Feb 18, 2007
at 7:30 PM

Tue, Feb 20, 2007
at 7:45 PM

A Comedy of Power
Claude Chabrol's latest film artfully walks a line between moral comedy and political thriller. Isabelle Huppert plays Jeanne Charmant–Killman, aka "the Piranha," an examining magistrate assigned to untangle a vipers' nest of high–level bureaucratic chicanery. Her new post catapults her into the public eye and boosts her already considerable powers: woe to the executive whose office suffers one of Jeanne's surprise raids. But Jeanne's work as a professional nemesis has its own subtly damaging effects on her personal life. After gaining fame for locking up an embezzling CEO, Jeanne pushes the limits of her intoxicating power further than ever and winds up isolated in a dangerous game of threats and intimidation. A witty and more than a little pessimistic examination of the abuses and psychological ill effects of privilege, A Comedy of Power features a stellar supporting cast that adds to the acidic fun. ( 110 min )

Selected Filmography: Wedding in Blood (73), Violette (78), Story of Women (88) Madame Bovary (91), The Ceremony (95), Flower of Evil (03).
Sponsored by Alliance Française de Portland and the French American International School.
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Sat, Feb 24, 2007
at 8:15 PM

Private Fears in Public Places
"Ineffably graceful, Private Fears is a heartbreakingly delicate meditation on loss, uncertainty and love, made with the kind of serene wisdom available only to true masters. The venerable Alain Resnais collaborates once again with British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, and theater and cinema join to make exquisite music. The action is set in a magically snowbound Paris where the destinies of six lonely souls converge and commingle. André Dussollier is the real estate agent smitten with his pious assistant (Sabine Azéma), who moonlights as a home–care attendant for the hell–raising father (an off–screen Claude Rich) of a widowed bartender (Pierre Arditi), who works at a stylish modern hotel bar frequented by an embittered army vet (Lambert Wilson), who parts with his fiancée (Laura Morante) and meets a shy, lovely young woman (Isabelle Carré), who lives with her brother, the real–estate agent."—New York Film Festival. ( 120 min )

Selected Filmography: Hiroshima Mon Amour (59), Last Year at Marienbad (61), Muriel (63), Providence (77), My Uncle From America (80), Smoking/No Smoking (93), Same Old Song (03).
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