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Whitsell Auditorium
1219 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

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Sat, Feb 10, 2007
at 9:15 PM

Sun, Feb 11, 2007
at 2:15 PM

In the sunny, technicolor '50s town of Willard, a utopian world that recalls a cross between Night of the Living Dead and Far From Heaven, zombies have been domesticated to deliver the mail, mow the lawn and serve dinner. Every one has a zombie except 11–year–old Timmy's family, whose patriarch once had a bad zombie experience. But Timmy's mom won't be the only one without one and when she brings a living dead servant home Timmy has a new best friend he names Fido. All that keeps Fido and his fellow zombies from eating their masters is an electronic collar. What begins as a small town story about a boy and his best friend becomes a sometime hilarious, biting satire about our world, the price of fear and the rewards of risking love. Sometimes, it takes an undead man to teach us all what it means to be alive. ( 98 min )

Filmography: Mile Zero (01), Sleep Murder (04).
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Sun, Feb 11, 2007
at 4:45 PM

Mon, Feb 12, 2007
at 8:15 PM

Away From Her
Inseparable for more than four decades, Grant (Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona (Julie Christie) look forward to spending their last years together. But Fiona is slowly losing her memory and is soon in a home specializing in Alzheimer's disease while they struggle to come to terms with their parting. After a month of letting her adjust, Grant finally goes to see Fiona, only to discover that she has forgotten him and fallen in love with a fellow resident, Aubrey (Michael Murphy). Devoted as ever, Grant visits every day if only to watch his wife from a distance, turning to Aubrey's partner Marian (Olympia Dukakis) for comfort. Sarah Polley's accomplished, lyrical film is a poignant love story based on Alice Munro's short story, "The Bear Came Over the Mountain." Here, the heartbreak of a relationship going in reverse—from lovers to strangers—finds touching balance through its inquiry into the inspirational nature of love and what an individual will sacrifice for it. ( 110 min )

First Feature Film.
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Sat, Feb 17, 2007
at 3:45 PM

Sun, Feb 18, 2007
at 5:15 PM

Sun, Feb 25, 2007
at 4 PM

Mystic Ball
For the last two decades Toronto resident Greg Hamilton has passionately devoted himself to mastering chinlone, a unique combination of sport and dance, a sport that not many people outside of Myanmar (Burma) play. A chance encounter with a strange ball set Hamilton on a journey deep into a little known culture and its traditional sport, chinlone. A team sport with no opposing team, the focus is not on winning, but on how beautifully you play the game. Mystic Ball follows Hamilton as he evolves from an awkward beginner to a teammate capable of soloing with the greatest chinlone players in Mandalay. Filmed over eight years and numerous trips to the country, we chart Hamilton's progress and the embrace of a community that shares his passion, including the development of a friendship with the "Golden Princess," Su Su Hlaing, the greatest chinlone solo artist in the country. More than introducing you to a mesmerizing, mystical sport, Hamilton tells a beautiful story about the happiness and fulfillment that comes from following one's passion. Winner, Special Jury Prize, Hot Docs Festival and Best Documentary, Vancouver Film Festival, Audience Award, Most Popular Canadian Feature, Vancouver International Film Festival, Audience Award, Best Feature Film, Whistler Film Festival. ( 83 min )

First Feature Film.
Director Greg Hamilton will be in attendance at both screenings to introduce the film and answer questions afterward.
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Sun, Feb 18, 2007
at 1:30 PM

Mon, Feb 19, 2007
at 5:30 PM

manufactured Landscapes
Esteemed photographer Edward Burtynsky's images reveal how humans are changing the face of the planet in an era of globalization. Baichwal's arresting portrait follows Burtynsky as he works—primarily in China—documenting the radical changes brought on by urbanization and industrialization. Burtynsky wants viewers to come to their own conclusions and see the landscape in a new way. As we regard the Three Gorges Dam project on the Yangtze River, enormous modern factories, the Shanghai skyline, and the impact of recycling as workers sort through piles of toxic heavy metals, Burtynsky succeeds in generating reflection. Using only commentary from Burtynsky and short interviews with workers, the film leaves audiences to make their own sense of the awe–inspiring landscapes it portrays. Best Canadian Feature Film, Toronto International Film Festival. ( 90 min )

Filmography: Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles (98), The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia (02).
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