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    About Us

    The Northwest Film Center’s SCHOOL OF FILM, one of the largest community-based film arts programs in the country, offers the Northwest’s most comprehensive curriculum in media production and appreciation. Since its founding in 1972, the School has helped thousands of individuals to find and cultivate their personal voices as storytellers and to help create community around cinema’s potential to advance cultural understanding, reflect the human experience, and fuel social change.

    Its long-standing reputation as a leader in media arts education rests on its dynamic faculty of working filmmakers, emphasis on hands-on learning, open enrollment policy, and unique learning environment. In tandem with the Center’s year-round exhibition programs, students learn to make films while having the opportunity to see some of the most current and significant independent cinema available.

    The School’s students include fine artists, writers, and others interested in augmenting their artistic practice with film; professionals in education, marketing, business, and other fields seeking professional development; students enrolled in participating cooperative degree programs or contemplating post-graduate study in film; emerging filmmakers who are in the process of creating a body of work for public exhibition; and avocational adult learners who simply desire personal enrichment through a structured program.

    The School of Film is located in a 10,000-square-foot facility of classrooms and an editing lab 1/2 block from the Portland Art Museum campus in downtown Portland. Students have access to alloted camera, lighting, sound, and editing equipment for fulfillment of their classwork in the 16mm, Super-8mm, and Digital Video formats, depending on the focus of the course. Cooperating facilities in the community host classes for tours and/or offer discounted post-production services.

    Equipment Access
    The School of Film supports the use of media in our community as a means of self-expression and cultural advancement by making its film/video equipment, editing rooms, and other facilities available to artist and nonprofit users at subsidized rental rates and to commercial users as availability allows. For more information about rental rates and requests, please visit our Equipment Access page. Rental requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance and will be confirmed within 24 hours. For more information, contact Equipment Room staff at
    503-221-1156 x30 or reserve@nwfilm.org.

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