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    Paul Harrod

    PAUL HARROD has worked for three decades as a designer, art director and director of both animated and live action projects, with a special emphasis on stop-motion. He began his career sculpting aliens for STAR TREK V, building miniature sets for PEE WEE'S PLAYHOUSE, and setting the tone for commercial campaigns including Chevron "Talking Cars" spots.  As Senior Art Director at Will Vinton Studios, he designed and directed episodes of the Fox series, THE PJs, and UPN's GARY AND MIKE, among many other projects.  His directorial work at Bent Image Lab has received extensive recognition for outstanding creative design (and understated humor), where his clients have included Quaker, Hallmark, Lowes and Aflac.  His most recent project is an action packed sequence for the end credits of 22 JUMP STREET.   www.paulharrod.com 

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