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    Dan Ackerman

    Daniel M. Ackerman, Director of Photography, owner of Ackerman Films and Stage-13 (www.ackermanfilms.com), works in a mix of media producing animation, commercials, live-action & stop-motion films. With a background as a cartoonist, graphic artist and photographer, he honed his skills in animation and cinematography at the Cal-Arts Experimental Animation Program.  There he created PORTAL, a seemingly computer generated, hand-drawn film which screened at the Chicago International Film Festival and was selected as Best of Show at SIGRAGH.  For 30 years, Dan’s craft has evolved with changes in technology while remaining firmly committed to a hands-on, tactile approach to filmmaking.  He specializes in camera controls, lighting/rigging set-ups for complex shooting, motion-control and frequently works freelance for a number of animation specialty houses including Bent Image Lab and LAIKA.  His credits include the animated short, JINGLE & BELL (DP); feature film, ONE CRAZY SUMMER (Animation Technical Director); THE PJ'S (Lighting Cameraman); WHAT THE BLEEP DO YOU KNOW (2nd Unit DP); CORALINE (Lighting/Camera); and MEET THE OWLS (Director/DP/Animator).  His commercial clients include: Nike, Adidas, Keen, North, Wieden & Kennedy, Sony Computer Entertainment, Vice Media and many others. 

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