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    Carl Diehl

    Carl Diehl

    Carl Diehl charts new paths of inquiry into the history and social practice of technology using recombinant video editing, sound design, glitch studies and transmedia formations. His video essays, installations and performances have been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including: Transmediale in Berlin, the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Singapore, the &Now Festival of New Writing in San Diego and Tritriangle in Chicago.  He is the co-founder of Weird-Fiction, an interdisciplinary arts group which explores experimental modes of audio-visual production.  His reflections on the group's methods and strategies, PUZZLING THE FICTO-QUIZZICAL, were published recently in the SIGNAL CULTURE COOKBOOK, an anthology of essays and how-to procedures from contemporary media artists.  He is also the co-founder of BCC-TV, a video production group affiliated with Bud Clark Commons  providing production workshops and screening opportunities to people experiencing homelessness.  His latest project is a collaboration with Adam and Rosalynn Rothstein, the Weird Shift Storefront, a center for marginalia studies in North Portland.

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