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    Alan Lifton

    Faculty Bio


    Steadicam Operation #758


    Suit up and fly cinematography's go-to tool for stable, fluid and flexible hand-held camera work. 



    Why steadicam is such a powerful creative tool

    How steadicam was invented and how it has developed technologically

    Characteristics of different steadicam units

    How to wear the steadicam vest

    Attaching the adjustable arm and gimbal

    How to stage and dynamically balance the unit

    Controlling the unit for basic shots

    Role of the steadicam assistant

    On set protocols for working with an operator

    Spend considerable time in the harness and assisting others in the harness

    Go through a series of exercises to build confidence and technique

    Get instructor feedback and support


    Tuition includes access to two steadicam units for workshop use.  


    Pre-requisites: None 


    No specific classes are required.


    SATURDAY, MAY 14, 10AM-4PM

    1 Sessions


    Tuition: $85.00


    Northwest Film Center School of Film

    934 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR (Corner of 10th & Salmon)

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