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    Equipment Room Staff


    Super 8 Processing & Handling #866


    Learn the "throw your film in a bucket and pour chemistry all over it" method of hand processing and how to care for your Super8mm negative.




    How hand processing differs from lab developing

    Hand process an exposed roll of Super8mm film step by step (yours or ours)

    Alternative processes: pushing, pulling, bleach bypass, cross processing

    Options for digital transfers

    Perform an off-the-wall digital transfer (your negative or ours)

    Basic film handling (viewing, splicing, storage)

    How to operate a Super 8mm projector

    Options for rentals through the Equipment Room


    Tuition includes processing and digital transfer of one roll of Super8mm negative film.  Learn to shoot Super8mm in the companion workshop SUPER 8 CAMERA OPERATION.  


    No specific classes are required.


    SATURDAY, MAY 7, 10 AM-1:00 PM

    1 Sessions


    Tuition: $30.00


    Northwest Film Center School of Film

    934 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR (Corner of 10th & Salmon)

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