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    Gary Nolton

    Faculty Bio


    Lighting on Location #107

    Topic Classes

    Learn to light scenes and actors in a variety of locations typical for a narrative film.  This relaxed, fun, yet informative class takes you beyond the basics.



    Initial classroom demonstrations on location lighting concepts and styles

    Meet at a different location each week, team up, and work as the hands-on lighting crew

    Use various types of lighting units from large professional to low-cost

    Using light color and texture to support the script, mood and emotion 

    How to light for atmosphere and existing ambience

    Common and not-so-common approaches for Day/Interior and Day/Exterior

    Common and not-so-common approaches for Night/Interior and Night/Exterior

    Protocols of working with lighting on a film set

    Lighting actors and objects within a scene

    Location management related to lighting

    Keeping the look consistent as the sun shifts

    The latest lighting tools being used in digital media


    Tuition includes all lighting equipment and supplies. Note: Class size is limited. Please register early.  Prerequisites: Basic understanding of lighting




    No specific classes are required.


    THURSDAYS, APR 14 - JUN 9, 6:30-9:30 PM


    9 Sessions


    Tuition: $765.00


    Northwest Film Center School of Film and TBA On Site Locations


    934 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR (Corner of 10th & Salmon).

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