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    Kyle Aldrich

    Faculty Bio


    Screenwriting: Advanced #354

    Topic Classes

    Get the inspiration, guidance and structure you need to take your screenplay idea or script-in-progress to the next level. Join a group of writers receiving on-going individual and group feedback during refinement and polish.



    Planning, shaping and populating your storyline (at whatever draft)

    Brief review of premise, character development, conflict/resolution

    Intermediate level analysis of three-act structure

    Approaches to refining dialogue, scene construction, transitions and timing

    Moving smoothly through premise, outline, treatment and multiple drafts 

    The polish process: staying on task, tracking your progress


    Class sessions are a combination of focused lectures, one on one meetings with the instructor, open writing labs and collective table reads for group discussion. The goal is for students to structure and write a three-act, full-length feature film by the end of the class. Students starting a new script should bring three script ideas to first class for instructor review; students with a work-in-progress should bring a step outline to the first class for instructor review. 


    Pre-requisite: Practical understanding of screenplay fundamentals 



    No specific classes are required.


    TUESDAYS, APR 12 - JUN 7, 6:30-9:30 PM

    9 Sessions


    Tuition: $765.00


    Northwest Film Center School of Film

    934 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR (Corner of 10th & Salmon)

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