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    CAMP: Computer Animation for Teens #26

    Grades 9-12

    Adobe Flash Player

    Bring your characters to life using Adobe Flash software.

    Bring two-dimensional graphic artwork to life using Adobe Flash software on Apple digital workstations. Learn how animators create motion using techniques such as squash and stretch, staging, timing, and parallax scrolling. Animate video and/or scan in and manipulate your own artwork. Record your own voiceovers and sound effects and create your own animated sequences frame by frame. The week will culminate in a family screening, complete with popcorn. Completed films will be uploaded to a special class online video album.  Tuition includes all equipment and supplies.

    Enrollment Limit: 11


    No specific classes are required.


    SECTION 1: MON-FRI, AUG 1-5 Noon-5:00 PM

    5 Sessions


    Tuition: $295.00


    Northwest Film Center School of Film

    934 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR (Corner of 10th & Salmon)

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