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    16mm Cinematography
    16mm Sync Sound Production
    3-D Computer Animation
    3D Animation
    A Conversation with Rose Lowder
    Adv Make It Move (Animation)
    Advanced Animation For Teens
    Advanced Digital Editing
    Advanced Digital Moviemaking
    Advanced Experimental Production
    Animation Arts Academy
    Animation For Teens
    Animation Fun
    Animation Fun
    Art Direction
    Art of Filmmaking I
    Art of Filmmaking II
    Art of Filmmaking III - Part I
    Art of Filmmaking III - Part II
    Art of the Interview
    Auspicious Circumstances: Inside the Artistic Process of Jim Blashfield
    Avid for Final Cut Users
    Basic Lighting
    Basic Sound Recording
    Beginning Screenwriting
    Beginning Screenwriting: Master the Basics in the Short Film Format
    Bigfoot Re-Interpreted: A Community Stop-Motion Animation Project
    Blueprinting Your Screenplay
    Blueprinting Your Screenplay
    Blueprinting Your Screenplay Workshop
    Bolex/Arri Film Camera Operation
    Breaking In as a PA
    Business Issues In Independent Filmmaking
    CAMP: 16MM Shoot + Process + Edit for 9th-12th
    CAMP: Computer Animation for Teens
    CAMP: Computer Animation for Tweens
    CAMP: Digital Editing for Teens
    CAMP: Digital Moviemaking for 2nd-4th
    CAMP: Digital Moviemaking for 4th-6th
    CAMP: Digital Moviemaking for 6th-8th
    CAMP: Digital Moviemaking for Kids
    CAMP: Digital Moviemaking for Tweens
    CAMP: Eco Doc
    CAMP: Green Screen Visual Effects for 6th-8th
    CAMP: Green Screen Visual Effects for Teens
    CAMP: Green Screen Visual Effects for Tweens
    CAMP: Lights, Camera, Puppets!
    CAMP: Media Arts Academy for Teens
    CAMP: Mockumentary for Tweens
    CAMP: Shoot + Hand Process 16mm
    CAMP: Stop-Motion Animation for 4th-6th
    CAMP: Stop-Motion Animation for 6th-8th
    CAMP: Stop-Motion Animation for 9th-12th
    CAMP: Stop-Motion Animation for Kids
    CAMP: Vintage Film Re-Mix
    Canon XA-10 Camera In Depth
    Canon XA-10 Camera Operation
    Casting Cache
    Casting Talent
    Certificate Application Fee
    Character Animation With Claymation
    Cinema Saturdays
    CLAYMATION™ Studio
    Computer Animation with Flash
    Creating Short Documentaries with Students: A Workshop for K-12 Teachers
    Creative Approaches to Promoting Your Art With Video
    Creative Visual Storytelling
    Dance Film Workshop
    Demystifying Distribution
    Developing the Doc-Maker's Ear for Story
    Developing Your Project For ITVS
    Dialogue Coach
    Dialogue Writing
    Digital Cinematography
    Digital Editing
    Digital Editing Camp for Teachers
    Digital Editing I
    Digital Editing II
    Digital Editing Workshop
    Digital Effects & Compositing
    Digital Filmmaking for K-12 Teachers
    Digital Filmmaking For Teens
    Digital Moviemaking
    Digital Moviemaking for 4th-6th Grades
    Digital Moviemaking for 6th-8th Grades
    Digital Sound Design
    Digital Storytelling for Homeschoolers
    Digital Video Aesthetics
    Digital Video Editing Camp
    Digital Video for K-12 Teachers
    Digital Video Production for Teachers
    Digital Video Workflow
    Direct Animation: Celluloid As Canvas
    Directing Actors
    Directing Digital Video
    Directing Your Screenplay
    Do It Yourself Distribution
    Doctor's Hours: One-on-one Consultations with Rory Golden
    Documentary Arts Academy
    Documentary Film for Teens
    Documentary Intensive
    Documentary Production
    Documentary Writing
    DVD Studio Pro
    Edit Lab Use
    Edit Like a Writer
    Editing with Avid
    Elia Kazan: American Stories
    Engaging Audiences with LGBT Content
    Essential Gus Van Sant
    Experimental Approaches to Digital Filmmaking
    Experimental Film & Videomaking
    Experimental Film/Video Production
    Experimental Filmmaking
    Experimental Filmmaking
    Extreme Low Budget Film Production
    Facial Expression in Clay Animation
    Family Filmmaking
    Film Camera Operation: Arri SR1
    Film Composing Studio
    Film Crit 101
    Film Directing Studio
    Film Editing
    Final Cut Advanced Techniques
    Final Cut Advanced Techniques
    Final Cut Pro Overview
    Financing & Producing Documentary
    Food Styling
    Frame by Frame: Composing Visual Rhythm
    From Viewer to Doer: A Framework for Teaching Film in the Language Arts Curriculum
    Get Your Work Into Film Festivals
    Grantwriting for Film
    Green Screen
    Halloween Digital Moviemaking
    Hand Make 16mm Film Stock
    Hand Process Color Reversal Film
    Hand Processing
    Hands-On Media for NonProfits & Activists
    History of Animation: A Cultural Perspective
    iFilmmaking Basics: Editing Tips & Tricks
    iFilmmaking Basics: Shooting Tips & Tricks
    iFilmmaking for Families
    iFilmmaking Project: Group Shoot on Location
    iFilmmaking Project: Make a Video Portrait
    In Direct Contact: Printing Images & Objects Onto 16MM Film
    Independent Film 101: The DIY Approach
    Independent Filmmaking: Lean, Mean & Sustainable
    Independent Final Project
    Indie Film Producing 101
    Inside the Avid Editing Room
    Inside The World Of Film Composing
    Intermediate Cinematography
    Interview Techniques
    Intro to Digital Video
    Intro to Final Cut Pro 7
    Intro to Final Cut Pro for Teens
    Intro to Video Storytelling
    Launching Your Screenwriting Career
    Legacy Class
    Lighting on a Shoestring
    Lighting on Location
    Lighting Techniques
    Literature into Film
    Mac Basics
    Make It Move - Jr Animation
    Make Up For Film & Television
    Make Up For Film & Television
    Make Your Own DSLR Lens
    Make Your Own Lights
    Manage Your Media
    Master Class w/ Bill Plympton
    Media Arts Academy for Teachers
    Mining from Within: Producing the Personal Film
    Moving Your Project Forward
    Moving Your Project Forward
    Multi-Camera Editing
    Multi-Camera Production
    Narrated By Me
    Narrative Film for Teens
    Narrative Production
    Narrative Traditions
    One-on-One Consultations: Deborah Stratman
    Optical Printing
    Panasonic DVX-100 Camera Operation
    Paper Character Animation for 9th-12th Grades
    Pioneer Women Screen Tests
    Planning Your Documentary
    Planning Your First Feature Film
    Portfolio I
    Portfolio Sequence: Advanced Production
    Portfolio Sequence: Editing
    Post-Production Management
    Producing & Production Management
    Producing Film & Video for the Web
    Production Management
    Project Viewfinder
    PSU Credit
    PSU Tuition Fees
    Re-Imagining MC Escher
    School of Film Open House
    Screenwriting for Hollywood
    Screenwriting: Advanced
    Screenwriting: Fundamentals
    Service Learning
    Service Learning & Media Arts
    Shoot + Edit + Share
    Shoot, Process, Edit
    Shooting Digital Video
    Shooting the Documentary
    Shooting the Narrative Film
    SHORT FILM BLOWOUT - Directing: Sound as a Secret Weapon
    SHORT FILM BLOWOUT - Distribution: Find Your Audience & Make Them Want More
    SHORT FILM BLOWOUT - Producing: Do It Cheap, But Do It Right
    SHORT FILM BLOWOUT - Writing: Big Ideas for the Short Format
    Short Film Production Intensive
    Sound Design & Editing
    Sound Design & Foley
    Sound Doctor
    Sound is Your Secret Weapon
    Sound Recording
    Sound Recording
    Sound Recording & Post
    Steadicam Operation
    Stop Motion Animation
    Stop-Motion Animation
    Stop-Motion Animation for 4th-6th Grades
    Stop-Motion Animation/Claymation
    Story Analysis
    Strategies for Activating Creative Expression
    Super 8 Camera Operation
    Super 8 Filmmaking
    Super 8 Processing & Handling
    Super 8mm: Shoot & Hand Process
    The Art of Collaboration: with CHRIS SIMON and MAUREEN GOSLING
    The Creative Virtues of Electronic Cinema
    The Director's Eye: From Script to Screen
    The Documentary: Changing Forms & Visions
    The Films of Stanley Kubrick
    The New Documentary Ecosystem: Balancing Indie Ideals with Marketplace Realities
    The Nuts & Bolts of Filming on Location
    The Pulse of Living Beings: An Evening With Jim Trainor
    The School of Film & Cinema Project Present a Conversation with Saul Levine
    Time-Lapse Cinematography
    U-Cut Digital Editing Studio
    Ultra Low Budget Indie Filmmaking
    Video Art Installation
    Video Production for the Technology Shy
    Video Production in the Workplace
    Visiting Artist Workshop
    Weekend Animation Studio
    WKSHP: American Indian Documentaries
    WKSHP: Animation (Lunch Box Overview)
    WKSHP: Arri SR1
    WKSHP: Body of Personal Work
    WKSHP: Catching the Light
    WKSHP: Digital Sound Editing, ProTools
    WKSHP: Direct Animation is a Contact Sport
    WKSHP: Direct Animaton
    WKSHP: DIY Film/Video Preservation
    WKSHP: DIY Green Screen
    WKSHP: DIY Movie Tours
    WKSHP: DIY Super 8 Hand Processing
    WKSHP: Drawing Out the Story
    WKSHP: DV Camera Package
    WKSHP: DVD Studio Pro
    WKSHP: Experimental Documentary
    WKSHP: Film Editing
    WKSHP: Film/Civic Engagement
    WKSHP: Final Cut Pro & Film Finishing
    WKSHP: Finishing on Film
    WKSHP: Flix Remix: A Found Footage Workshop
    WKSHP: Fundraising Houseparty
    WKSHP: Guerilla Marketing
    WKSHP: Hand In Glove: Music & Film
    WKSHP: Hand Process Color
    WKSHP: Hand Processing Color
    WKSHP: Hand-Made Filmmaking
    WKSHP: Jumpstart Your Career
    WKSHP: Lighting
    WKSHP: Making Music Videos
    WKSHP: New Media Explorations
    WKSHP: Optical Printing
    WKSHP: Optical Printing
    WKSHP: Panasonic DVX-100
    WKSHP: Poetic Film
    WKSHP: Recombinant Aesthetics
    WKSHP: Reviving the Lost Art of Agitation
    WKSHP: Self-Distribution
    WKSHP: Submitting to Festivals
    WKSHP: The Art of Research
    WKSHP:Performance Lab for Screenwriters & Playwrights

    Greyed-out classes are currently unavailable. Contact us for more information.

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