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    Certificate Program in Film

    Challenge yourself to set artistic, and/or professional development goals in filmmaking beyond simply a class or two. Our optional, non-degree Certificate Program in Film provides a structure within which you can advance from the beginning to advanced level, while creating works that showcase your achievements as an emerging filmmaker.

    Through a Core Sequence [PDF], the program teaches the concepts and techniques of cinematic storytelling, helps you develop your vision as a media artist, and supports you in creating film work which demonstrates your potential.

    The Core Sequence is supplemented by Topic Classes and Workshops in the general curriculum which you choose based on your interests. These may be focused on a particular area (e.g. documentary) or be spread across a variety of topics. The Certificate track concludes with a public screening of your final film project in our state-of-the-art Whitsell Auditorium.

    Certificate students receive on-going advising and mentorship from faculty and staff. A Certificate may be completed in as little as three years when pursued at a rigorous pace. However, you can also move along at your own pace and take up to six years to complete all requirements.



    Core Sequence

    ART OF FILMMAKING I (two beginning-level film projects)

    ART OF FILMMAKING II (two intermediate-level film projects)

    ART OF FILMMAKING III (one festival-quality advanced film project)


    Core Sequence + 6 or more selected Topic Classes + 15 hours selected Workshops


    CLICK HERE to download our application form.

    Please follow these instructions to prepare your application:

    1. Click here to set up/log into your School of Film Student Account.
    2. Pay the $50 Application Fee by filling out the payment information at the bottom of the application form.
    3. Complete, sign and date the Application Form and submit it one of two ways:
      • US mail:
      • NW Film Center
      • Certificate Program
      • 1219 SW Park Avenue
      • Portland, OR 97205
      • Email: classes@nwfilm.org
    4. Submit Work Samples (if any) one of two ways: 

    Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis. Notification will be made within four weeks of receipt. 

    Acceptance is based upon the clarity of your stated goals, and whether the goals align with the School of Film mission and Certificate curriculum. You may be at any stage of your formal education (pre-college, in college, post-college, pre-graduate school). There are no pre-requisites.

    If you want to test the waters before diving in, you are welcome to enroll in and complete ART OF FILMMAKING I and up to two Topic classes prior to applying to the Program. Upon your acceptance, these will be automatically transferred onto the Certificate transcript at no additional charge (a letter grade of B or higher is required).


    For more information email info@nwfilm.org or call 503-221-1156.

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