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This year’s Festival features the Portland premieres of 16 of this year’s submissions for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Included are: The Child (Belgium), C.R.A.Z.Y. (Canada), Wanderings Shadows (Colombia), Mother of Mine (Finland), Merry Christmas (France), Sophie Scholl (Germany), Fateless (Hungary), Paheli (India), So Close, So Far (Iran), Requiem of Snow (Iraq), To the Other Side (Mexico), Bluebird (Netherlands), Kissed By Winter (Norway), Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Romania), Tsotsi (South Africa), Zozo (Sweden).

Thanks to the Rose E. Tucker Trust for supporting this showcase.


As well as discovering new films, the Festival offers the opportunity to discover new voices—filmmakers whose first feature film makes them a talent to watch. This year’s New Directors Showcase features 20 debut films, which are eligible for the Audience New Director Award. Included are: Sarah Watt’s Look Both Ways (Australia), Erwin Wagenhofer’s We Feed the World (Austria), Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary’s Favela Rising (Brazil/US), Sergio Machado’s Lower City (Brazil), Hao Ning’s Mongolian Ping Pong (China), Julian Jarrold’s Kinky Boots (Great Britain), Luis Orjuela’s The Car (Colombia), Ciro Guerra’s The Wandering Shadows (Colombia), Markku Pölönen’s Dog Nail Clipper (Finland), Gilles Porte and Yolande Moreau’s When the Sea Rises (France), Marie Ade’s Forest For the Trees (Germany), Lajos Koltai’s Fateless (Hungary), Ricardo Benet’s News From Afar, (Mexico), Brad McGann’s In my Father’s Den (New Zealand), Sarah Johnson’s Kissed By Winter (Norway), José Corbacho and Juan Cruz’s Tapas (Spain), Maria Blom’s Delecarlains (Sweden), Heidi Ewing and Rachael Grady’s Boys of Baraka (US), Richard Peterson’s Clear Cut (US), and Ward Serrill’s Heart of the Game (US).

Thanks to the Paul G. Allen Foundation for the Arts for supporting this showcase.


This year’s Festival offers 15 extraordinary new documentaries that bring the world and the fascinating people and stories that make it go round, into view. We hope you’ll vote for your favorite nonfiction film in the Audience Awards, and discover the surprising worlds that unfold in: Erwin Wagenhofer’s We Feed the World (Austria), Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary’s Favela Rising (Brazil/US), Rex Bloomstein’s KZ (Great Britain), Kim Longinotto and Florence Ayisi’s Sisters In Law (US), Faith Akin’s Crossing the Bridge—The Sound of Istanbul (Germany), Christian Frei’s The Giant Buddhas (Switzerland), Heinz Butler’s Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (Switzerland), Heidi Ewing and Rachael Grady’s The Boys of Baraka (US), Richard Peterson’s Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon (US), Michèle Ohayon’s Cowboy del Amor (US), Jeff Feff Feuerzeig’s The Devil and Daniel Johnson (US), Jonathan Demme’s Neil Young: Heart of Gold (US), Ward Serrill’s Heart of the Game (US), James Longley’s Iraq In Fragments (US), and Chris Meltzer and Jeff Springer’s Plagues and Pleasures of the Salton Sea (US).

Thanks to Tazo® Tea for supporting this showcase.


They may be of short length, but none are short on vision. This year’s six programs of shorts feature 46 films from near and far, plus 22 works by young filmmakers from throughout the Northwest in our student program.

Our thanks go to Laika for supporting this year’s programs of animated, live action and documentary shorts, and to Comcast for presentation of the Best of the Young People’s Film & Video Festival.



As always, you get to be the judge. Let us know your opinion about the films in this year’s Festival. Ballots will be available at screenings to rate and comment on the films you see. At the conclusion of the festival the results of the balloting will be announced, with awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Documentary, Best Short, the New Director’s Award and other special recognition that emerges from audience Feedback.





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