24th Portland International Film Festival: February 9-25

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Together (Sweden) Director: Lukas Moodysson
Swedish screenwriter/director Lukas Moodysson takes us inside the cast of a 70's commune—leaders and the led, children of  revolution, an abused woman and her immature husband, a secretive loner— all sketched with careful detail to tell a story of human limits and complex sexual ideology. "Moodysson's gift for plot, storytelling, dialogue and character development are brilliantly deployed in Togetherto weave a tapestry of multiple viewpoints of communal life. The result is an exquisitely choreographed film that is a chronicle of a peculiar time in our recent past and a portrayal of the timeless contradiction between social and individual needs." —Sundance Film Festival
Filmography: Show Me Love (1998)

Showtimes: 2/19, 7 pm WH
                 2/21, 9:15 pm GU
                 2/22, 7 pm BW
                 2/24, 3 pm WH

Visiting Artist:
The Festival is honored to welcome distinguished director KRZYSZTOF ZANUSSI, (In Full Gallop, Camouflage) from Poland. He will be present at both screenings of his newest film Life is A Fatally Transmitted Disease.

Last chance to see these favorites, not likely
to return to Portland soon.

Sunday the 25th

1 GU  Festival Shorts
Your last chance to see some of the most spirited, beautiful and accomplished short films the world has to offer.

1 WH Marshall Tito's Spirit (Croatia)
When reports begin to circulate that the ghost of Marshal Tito (who ruled Yugoslavia for 40 years) has shown up, tourists begin to flood in, soldiers dust off their uniforms while the mayor, eager for fame, organizes Tito tours.  (97 mins.) (Oscar Submission)

3 GU  Endurance (US)
George Butler tells one of the great true-to-life survival stories of the century. In October 1914 the Endurance sailed from Buenos Aires under the leadership of veteran British Explorer Ernest Shackleton. The goal: a journey to the South Pole. But before reaching the continent, the Endurance was trapped in a heavy ice pack, locked for more than nine months and slowly crushed. That was just the beginning of an incredible two-year, 850-mile ordeal in an open boat for Shackleton and his crew, all 27 of whom amazingly returned alive. (100 mins.)

5:15 WH A Paradise Under the Stars (Cuba)
Combining exuberant musical numbers, bedroom farce and some light-hearted satiric jabs at Cuban machismo and the National Guard, A Paradise Under the Stars won the Audience Award at the Havana Film Festival. (90 mins.)

5:30 GU  A Place Nearby (Denmark)
In this intensely nerve-shredding psychological drama a single mother fights to protect her autistic son from a crime she is not sure he has committed, but is afraid to ask. (Oscar Submission)

7:30 WH  You're The One (Spain)
Set in 1947, Garci’s new film is a sumptuously produced, “old-fashioned” period piece. Julia (Lydia Bosch), is a platinum-blond rich girl. Depressed by the imprisonment of her boyfriend for his political activities, she abandons her comfortable life in Madrid and heads off to the northern province of Asturias to be among “real people.” Cultured, well educated, but disillusioned, perhaps a return to where she spent the summers of her childhood will be the tonic. (111 mins.)

7:45 GU The Mission (Hong Kong)
Taut and atmospheric, Johnnie To’s instant Hong Kong neo-noir classic won him the Best Director Prize at the Hong Kong Film Awards. A respected Triad crime boss is marked for death. Five bodyguards are recruited to protect him and his family. A simple “mission” but in Hong Kong—with mixed loyalties and misplaced passions—the path is not so straight. As the bodyguards protect their boss from bold plotting, they must also unravel the mystery of who has ordered the hit. Constructed with flawless cool, blazing guns and balletic action, The Mission is both a minimalist study of heroic codes of brotherhood and loyalty and an artistically accomplished action picture of the first order. (87 mins.)

Sky Hook (Yugoslavia)
Devils on the Doorstep (China)
All screenings of these titles have been cancelled, and will be replaced by Together(see above description).

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