Welcome to the 23rd Portland International Film Festival, the Northwest
Film Center's annual showcase of new world cinema. With this year's
selection of 88 films we celebrate the world's filmmakers-and those who
love their work-no matter what the language spoken. The centerpiece of this
year's event is a showcase of Hispanic films and the accompanying Cine-Lit
Conference on Hispanic film and literature produced by Portland State
University and Oregon State University. This is our fourth such Festival
and Conference collaboration, and we extend special thanks to PSU and OSU
for their part in enriching our community and the Festival. Our warm
welcome to the many guests coming for the two events from throughout the

The Festival continues to flourish for many reasons-you, of course, the
audience, the great wealth of tireless volunteers and staff who actually
make it all happen, and our many generous sponsors. This year we are
especially pleased to welcome a new one, Hollywood Video, who joins The
Oregonian, Kink FM102 and Regal Cinemas as a major underwriter. We look
forward to many years of partnership and to starting things off with a bang
on Opening Night. We hope you'll join the fun.

For the Film Center, the Festival is not an end, but a means. We want our
snapshot of the vitality of world cinema to be, more than just an annual
film frenzy, the inspiration for year-round exploration of the art of film.
Between Opening and Closing Night we offer myriad choices and hope you find
among them the gems that will keep you searching for more.

Enjoy the Festival and let us know what you discover.

Bill Foster, Director
Northwest Film Center